One Man, One Motorcycle, & One Open Road

with the Professional Content Creator in Orange County, SarahNicole

There is something about open roads that appeal so much to us photographers. Being a Professional Content Creator in Orange County, I have had the opportunity to explore many of these open roads. From long desert stretches in Blythe, to Ortega Highway, they seem to hypnotize me in a beautiful way. One of my favorite photoshoots occurred on a simple open road located in Santiago Canyon. This shoot featured my incredible model, Ian, and his stunning 2012 Indian Scout Bobber motorcycle. It was a super warm summer day, but the skies were clear and as blue as ever, making it almost perfect shooting conditions.

I’ve found that placement in photography is key. Placing and posing your subject/props is absolutely essential for a successful photograph. You would be surprised at what a difference a simple chip up, head tilt, shift in arm placement, does to a photo. How your subject and props are posed will dictate what message your image conveys. 

It did take me some time to pose Ian’s motorcycle just right, but when I finally got it dialed in, it was go time. It truly is important that the composition of an image isn’t rushed.  If you do choose to rush, you will find yourself shaking your head while you review your images and spending a LOT of time in photoshop with the clone stamp. Because I have been a professional content creator in Orange County for years, I speak with experience and can definitely say that I have learned the hard way. 

It’s kind of like painting a room. Before you paint a room you have to go to the store to buy all the correct paint, mix the paint,get all of the products, and then drive home. Once you get home you have to take the time to tape up all the edges correctly, lay down the tarp, etc, and THEN you get to paint. Same goes for photography. The model must be ready in the set wardrobe, have the correct makeup, the location must be prepped for shooting, props in place, THEN you can start photographing.  What interests me is that I have been a professional content creator in Orange County for over 4 years and each photoshoot I still learn something different. Isn’t that crazy? How you can be doing something which seems like forever, but you still find yourself a student. And I wholeheartedly believe that that mentality will keep you growing and thriving no matter what industry you are in. 


When you are patient with your composition, yourself, and your model, you end up with sheer masterpieces like the ones I was blessed to capture on that simple open road. Masterpieces that you are proud of. Masterpieces that bring a smile to not only your face, but your client’s face. That is what being a professional content creator in Orange County is all about.