Featuring @Katierose.Franco

The Beauty of the Movement

I am completely and utterly infatuated with the rawness of beauty- the beings of those that walk this planet. In particular I am speaking of people. Yes, people. Don’t get me wrong I think every single creation in this universe has beauty, but people… People are so unique and diverse. We are walking, breathing, works of art. Being a professional photographer in Orange County I’ve see many different types of people with varying ethnicities, styles, shapes, etc. Every freckle, tattoo, piercing, stretch mark, is unique to the individual. With this growing movement of acceptance I feel that people are beginning to express themselves more freely and openly. It’s as if we have developed a more stronger skin to judgments and criticisms. We are rebelling against mainstream media and their distorted take on beauty. Beauty, like love, holds no boundaries or limitations. Consequently, as an artist it truly is beyond refreshing to see this movement of acceptance and free expression of beauty growing deeper roots into our once so limited minds.


Creating Masterpieces in my mind

It’s interesting the way an artist’s mind works. As a photographer I am constantly “people watching”. I find myself creating photoshoots of people as they pass by me in the streets. ‘She would look amazing in a punk rock outfit, curled hair, black lipstick, chunky jewelry… I see that woman with red lipstick with a dark smokey eye.. Gold headpiece .. I see him standing on the edge of a mountain holding her face in his hands. I see that woman rocking it in a boudoir shoot. Natural makeup, messy hair, long nails and a pop of red. I see him covered in white paint dripping down his body as he cries glitter. ‘ Those are just a few idea that have crossed my mind…

You see, when I met Katie she had a beautiful full face of makeup on and was wearing a stunning dress. I instantly saw these photos of her. Raw, natural, grungy but girly, soft but strong, black and white, great depth of field. I was actually shooting a mastermind event in Temecula for The Business Club Academy. When I found out that Katie was engaged to one of the representatives of the company I decided I would take a chance and ask her if she would like to do a mini shoot later on. And of course, since you have seen the photos, she said yes. I was a little nervous to ask her as I am sure this wasn’t the ideal setting to do a photoshoot so last minute and unannounced, but in reality, just as Nora Roberts states, “If you never ask, the answer is always no.” I am so beyond happy with the final products. There is nothing more fulfilling than making these masterpieces coming to life.


Trusting Your Vision

As a professional photographer in Orange County, just like any other artist experiences, I have moments of doubt. It is important, however, to trust your vision and to invest in it more importantly. If you don’t invest in your vision, how do you expect to grow? Investing in your vision doesn’t necessarily mean dropping thousands on new camera equipment. You can start off with a fairly standard camera, invest in a 50 mm or 24-70 mm lens, and start with free YouTube tutorials. When I first starting shooting, I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but I had a vision and a burning desire to grow. After spending years developing my photography knowledge, I am today finally able to make those visions become a reality. I create art out of art. What an amazing statement that is.