A Little About Me

My mother always encouraged my healing gifts when I was younger. Calling me her indigo child, she would allow me to speak to strangers whom I would often strike conversation with asking if they were okay, what happened, etc because I could sense their sadness. We aren’t taught by this rigid traditional system of our powers. Of our incredible light. Those powers come in forms brought to life through our passions. Those passions are limited by our knowledge of ourselves, as well as, willingness to forgive, release, heal, and welcome more love and light. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves. If every day I can remove the size of a grain of pepper, something that doesn’t serve me, then I make room for that much more love. This practice creates a stronger internal vibration and removes any dissonance which is essential for allowing a flow state to fully take place in one’s life. Thus, I desire to illuminate that vibrant light that exists inside of every single beautiful being that can get covered by the pain and trauma from our shadow self, inner child, and ancestral trauma. My healing is rooted within me from my Tongva Gabrielino native ancestors. I am studying more and more into their practices since it wasn’t taught to me growing up, and am learning more every day. Regardless of what we do or don’t know, we all have healing energy within us, and always have the power to take responsibility for our personal healing of our mind, body, soul, and spirit. When we take this responsibility it allows our gifts to shine in full form.

Passion for Photography

My professional photography has taken me all over. Working with hundreds of companies, clothing lines and small business owners. I’ve traveled to places like Thailand, Japan, Canada and beyond. My passion for photography began when I was just 7 years old shooting with a 8 megapixel Kodak camera. I used to ride on the back of my moms Harley, track road runners down in Palm desert, climb local mountains, all with my camera in hand. I dove deeper into photography once my mother passed when I was 14. I realized I didn’t have as many photos as I would have liked on her. So I set off on this mission to capture as many snapshots in time as I could. Photography and videography are beautiful new age ways of documenting our history so that future generations don’t just have the energetic memory, but the physical one also. 

Being a professional content creator has opened up a whole new avenue of happiness in my life. An avenue that overflows with an abundance of beautiful people and gorgeous locations.  My passion for holding the camera would not only allow me to venture into new worlds, but to actually create another dimension for myself. It is through photography where I learned a new way of expression. This creative avenue has not only allowed me to meet exceptional people all over the world, but get to truly know, heal, and love myself in ways I could have never dreamed of. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be present with me. I hope you remember that you are enough and you are loved. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forevermore.


Our Fantastic Clients

“Everyday you have the power to make to make two decisions. One is to be a part of the construction of the world. The other is to be a part of the destruction of the world. Every action, every reaction, every thought, even our mentality, contributes somehow to one of two. Thus implement actions in your life that promote progression, not perfection. Be a part of the construction of the world. You are a beautiful creation, so construct yourself daily through love. By constructing yourself you will subconsciously and consciously construct others.”